Writing an artist bio and statement javascript

What is his or her style like? If you have—or are planning to include—artist biographies on your website, this article was written for you. At most, a reader should take away one or two key points.

What work or works can you talk about that will give a visual description of the above qualities? There is a long list of necessary and optional documents and exhibition materials, like an Artist StatementBusiness Cardsa Portfolio and so on.

Through my artwork, I try to bring the outside in. Give to a publicity outlet — art editor, feature story editor or radio or TV host. Another reader with a trained eye will be able to tell you if your biography correctly reflects you and your art.

We suggest taking your drafts to a friend with an excellent grasp of grammar and blessed with writing brilliance. Unfortunately, staring at a blank page trying to condense your art career into a paragraph or two is anything but.

Whether you have an adventure story or something low-key, tell your story in a way that we can relate to.

Nothing looks less professional than a text littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. You can try different tones and play around with language in each one. Write Multiple Drafts Lucky are the writers who can craft masterpieces without ever moving past the first draft.

What other areas of the arts or popular culture does this artist engage with? Most readers will see right through trumped-up language and, even worse, may become skeptical of the rest of your program. This is your basic life story as an artist, usually including where you were born, when you became interested in art, where you studied art, took acting or modeling classes, etc.

It is written in the third person. Poppi says it all without you saying a thing. What message are you trying to pass on in your art?

How to Write an Artist Bio or Statement

Just remember to make sure it resonates with your audience. Renee Phillips has graciously included a sample artist biography on her blog.How To Write An Effective Artist Bio That Won’t Be Ignored Posted: May 12, You can take one of the descriptive statements about your work, change it to first person and throw some quotes around it.

The purpose is to lend some verbal, conversational energy to the bio. You can read some more insights on the artist bio writing. Artist Statement Guidelines. Artists can send their artist statement for professional review.

How to Write an Appealing Artist Biography

GYST submission policies, examples of artist statements, and writing tips are found below: What Is an Artist’s Statement?

A general introduction to your work, a body of work, or a specific project. Bio: Often a short description of your career as. So instead of a bio that’s just fluff on the flyer, let’s learn how to write an effective artist bio that will actually bring your potential fans into your world.

I won’t lie to you. Writing a good artist bio is no picnic. Examples of a variety of artist bios and artist statements to help you find the right balance for yours. Integrity and balance are key factors. how to write an artist bio or statement. Sample Artist Statements/Bios Full Page Artist Statement: karen atkinson.

bio: karen atkinson. Karen Atkinson is a media, installation, public artist, independent curator, and collaborator.

What We Learned from Writing 7,000 Artist Bios

Atkinson has published and guest edited a number of publications. Exhibiting and curating internationally, Atkinson's work has been shown in South. How to Write an Artist Bio or Statement First of all, what is the difference between an artist bio and an artist statement?

8 Artist Statements We Love

The difference is not exact and clear-cut, but these are the definitions I have found which make the most sense.

Writing an artist bio and statement javascript
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