Policy analysis on industrial building revitalization

It reveals that not all the stakeholders have been completely consulted before the implementation of the policy. In long run, the building owners should be encouraged to reserve certain part of revitalized industrial buildings for leasing to six industries through granting of bonus GFA or relaxation of certain planning regulations.

Entertainment[ edit ] Escaping games found in Hung Hom For babies and toddlers, there are customized playgrounds for play. A possible solution is to completely separate the two uses by means of fire-proof compartment walls and floors.

Partnership programs

After urban renewal projects had been carried out in Kwun Tong, some large-scale commercial buildings and shopping centres such as apm are introduced.

In sum, the industrial building revitalization policy has taken an essential step towards a higher quality and more sustainable urban planning, if the government could modify the current policies with complete understanding and consultation with the public.

Ironically, no any Policy analysis on industrial building revitalization measures for the six industries have been adopted by the government up till now. The Urban Renewal Authority URA has initiated pilot schemes for redevelopment of two old industrial buildings, one in late and one in early As more and more users from different industries seek industrial space, the net supply of factory space is expected to remain negative until at least As this policy requires the consent of all owners of the subject properties, it is difficult to contact the missing owners of some industrial units that have been remained vacant for years.

In addition to identifying more land for development, the government also needs to recognize that relying on the free market for growth may not be enough. To meet the supply demand, the government will need to release more industrial land for sale by tender.

Awards cannot be carried over to the following year.

Development Bureau - Optimising the Use of Industrial Buildings

Therefore, some follow-up measures should be adopted to assist the survival of these industries. Sports[ edit ] Sports activities can commonly be found inside revitalised industrial buildings in Hong Kong, examples include: Projects must be completed in the year that the application was received by Alliant Energy.

Last but not the least, concerning the environmental issues, the old dilapidated industrial buildings scattered around metro areas have lead to unfavorable hygienic condition and undesirable environmental pollution, causing disturbance to the residents nearby.

They are forced to move to other industrial estate nearby. However, the owners are required to pay expensive premium under these three measures. In the recent years, the cultural workers tend to rent the industrial buildings as a workshop or studio because of comparatively lower rentals, thus forming the industrial art regions.

Old industrial buildings require significant maintenance and upkeep, and the government will still need to find a way to ensure that owners maintain their assets to a proper, safe standard. The surplus factory buildings have become unoccupied and so their market values have remained low when compared with other property sectors.

If the non-industrial portion e. Besides that, the old tenement buildings in urban areas are full of illegally operated sub-divided units, of which the low-class and grass-rooted level people can only able to afford. Previously they had the option to expand within the HKSTP industrial estates but these are currently full, and the amnesty on both first and second hand transactions has caused a blockage to development.

Since the increase in GFA and building height of the buildings are not allowed under this policy, the owners have to sacrifice portion of more valuable ground floor retail areas to accommodate the additional car parking spaces. It also includes provision of natural lighting and ventilation as well as open spaces applicable to domestic buildings.

Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month. The vacancy rate of industrial buildings was 6. Final award decisions are made by our Economic Development team and are evaluated with regards to project need, impact, leverage of other funding, innovation, capacity and sustainability.

Painting sessions and free art-jamming are offered to people who wanted to escape their busy life and be immersed in tranquility.

In fact, this measure has stimulated the property market of industrial buildings and so pushed the rentals up. Due to the northern movement of the manufacturers and industrialists for the relocation of production activities, the demand of industrial buildings has declined.

Official Record of Proceedings 3. They are forced to move to other industrial estate nearby. Hong Kong has also witnessed a rebound in the manufacturing sector in recent years. For conversion of an industrial building into residential flats, the challenges include treatment of floor areas in excess of what is permissible for domestic flats and compliance with the requirements for site coverage.

It has become the major obstacle for the conversion of eligible industrial buildings. In order to increase the subsidized housing supply, new dimension of the housing strategy should be created.

Under this scheme, the building owners can apply for special waiver to convert the eligible buildings from industrial to commercial at nil premiums.

For example, there are live houses in Kwun Tong industrial area that provides performance venue for local singers and bands.Get expert industry market research on Industrial Building Construction in the US. Industry market research reports, statistics, data, trends, forecasts and information.

Save time, save money, generate more revenue, mitigate risk and make faster and better business decisions. Policy Analysis on Industrial Building Revitalization 1.

Background In the past few decades, Hong Kong has undergone economic transformation from. The strategy for revitalization of an industrial site was developed through investigation of the Creative Class values, analysis of Moscow's historical development and analysis of case studies from Europe.

reaction of landlords and the property market, revitalization of old industrial buildings will help industrial buildings revitalization policy. In view of this situation, a package of measures on land administrative policy is introduced to Revitalization of Industrial Buildings in Hong Kong.

Sustainable Cities and Society 19 () – Revitalization Industrial policy buildings Economic Social and (c) data analysis. The Industrial Revitalization Policy is scheduled to discontinue in March With the growing demand for industrial space, as well as a rebound in certain manufacturing sectors, the Hong Kong.

Policy analysis on industrial building revitalization
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