Credible websites for research

Be friendly, generous and honest — always. Fogg says there are 4 types of credibility: Sam Halpern describes camp life in this extended excerpt from Darkness and Hope. Get continuing education on this site that offers courses, review sheets, and more.

If so, from where? The creator can be an author, multiple authors, or an organization, government agency, company, etc. Were you directed to the website by an educator? It is embarrassing and you are passing along information that is false.

Well-known people are even better. This site offers an index of minority health news. Go to NurseWeek for news, community, and job postings.

Jay Kuperman survived Hirshberg and Buchenwald concentration camps. Who is linking to the page? Gabor Hirsch was born in Hungary. This site has more than resources for scholarships and other financial aid. This group promotes Hispanic nurses. These can be second-hand accounts of events, or interpretations of sources.

Christine Damski was a journalism student in Poland in the late s. This is social proof — nobody wants to be the only idiot buying your services.

When was the source last updated? A website that displays relevant information to the visitor is instantly more credible in their eyes. Here you can find out about a number of different scholarships and grants available to nurses.

C. Evaluating Sources

This nurse blogger has a nice mix of personal stories and nursing. American Assembly for Men in Nursing: Check out this website to find out why nursing is such a great career. Check out classifieds, post your resume, and get connected with continuing education as well as other nurses.

Our offline behaviour and inclinations translate to our online existence. Almost all but the biggest companies have an uphill credibility battle ahead of them every time a new visitor lands on their site.

Howard Edelstein tells the story of his family's survival thanks to a non-Jew who hid them under her house. Provide the information about your secure channels, bit encryption and what not.

Case studies of your work.

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The Center for Nursing Advocacy: Learn all about different specialties, jobs, and news through this forum. Bronia Beker tells how her family hid in caves they dug themselves.

If the findings of one study contradict the findings of previous studies, months or several years may pass before more information becomes available to support the contradictory study.Can I find credible sources at my university's library? In general, most of what you find through your university's library, whether it is a book, scholarly journal article, music recording, CD, DVD, e-book, etc.

will be a credible source. I know of other credible websites that link to this website 1 0 This site has suffix 1 0 This site provides a phone number or mailing address that I could use for.

To evaluate the credibility of a source, first look at its mode of publication. Credible sources are published in peer-reviewed journals, scholarly books with lists of references, websites.

Websites that end are credible if they're backed by respected institutions, but not if they have a clear bias or are created by a. The Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McRel) site provides educational resources, including lesson plans and many links to U.S, world, and general history sites.

Classroom Connect A respected source for educational resources such as web-linked activities. It can be difficult to find websites that have reliable information. Your instructors may restrict the types of websites used for a project because it can be difficult to find the author, if the site has been reviewed, or even when it was published.

This website offers free, credible, and comprehensive information about cancer prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, research across the cancer spectrum, clinical trials, and news and links to other NCI websites. The information on this site is science-based, authoritative, and up-to.

Credible websites for research
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