Approaches to the study of political

It means that the researcher should not have any pre-conceived notion or a biased view. This approach strongly upholds the belief that the thinking or the ideology of every political thinker is shaped by the surrounding environment.

Researchers want to know not only what is happening, but also why a particular incident occurs at a particular time. But normative approach has importance. Streams of neoinstitutionalism One of the reasons that there is no single agreed-on definition of a political institution is that the neoinstitutionalist approach encompasses a wide variety of complementary, but clearly different, methodologies.

Odegard; was born in Montana in and died in His constitutionalism has an important place in British and Indian systems. These approaches were idealistic also as their concern went beyond how and why political events happen to what ought to happen. Of course, how much caution the historian will take cannot be said before-hand.

There are a number of approaches to studying politics. It refers to the body of knowledge that aspires to provide verified principles of human behavior through the use of methods similar to those of natural science.

He was an influential American political scientist known for his empirical study of elections and voting behavior. According to the behaviouralists research in Political Science must be systematic. This approach suggests that what is going on should be changed for the better. Thus we can say that values, principles or eternal ideas relating to politics or function of state constituted the central idea of normative approach to the study of politics.

The advocates of this approach were wrong when they said that human beings behave in similar ways in similar circumstances. It moved toward research that was supported by verifiable facts. History provides the chronological order of every political event and thereby helps in future estimation of events also.

In these countries, if we try to find out Western system or institutions that will be an utter failure. In a broader sense, approaches refer to the method, paradigm and a recognizable manner of looking into a particular issue or subject matter.

Most of political phenomena are unquantifiable. In the medieval period, this tradition was continued by Augustine and Aquinas. Central Idea of Comparative Approach: On the other hand, sociologists analyse them in a broader perspective.

Traditional approaches are largely normative and stresses on the values of politics 2. We also compare the accountability processes of different countries. According to them, what cannot be verified is not scientific.

It also means what people have thought or imagined. But it is beyond the consideration of power approach. This approach mainly deals with the formal aspects of government and politics emphasizes the study of the political institutions and structures.

The behaviouralists do not want to accept everything as granted.THE TENETS OF BEURAUCRATIC APPROACH IN THE STUDY OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION INTRODUCTION A bureaucracy is a way of administratively organizing large numbers of people who need to work together.

What are the different approaches to the study of political science?

Organizations in the public and private sector, including universities and governments, rely on. The traditional approaches to Political Science was widely prevalent till the outbreak of the Second World War.

These approaches were mainly related to the traditional view of politics which emphasized the study of the state and government. This research note offers a taxonomy of five approaches to the study of political development.

The taxonomy draws upon both traditional and contemporary sources, and studies of both “developing” and “developed” areas, to derive a framework for ordering the literature on political development produced in the past two decades.

The methods and approaches to the study of Political Science or other social sciences are, therefore, different from the methods that are used in natural sciences like physics, chemistry or biology.

Political Sociology Approach for the Study of Politics – Essay

The various approaches to the study of Political Science can be broadly classified as - traditional and modern. Normative political theory focuses on what ought to be and explores the values and ideals of a political system.

In order to gain a complete grasp of political theory, both approaches should be studied and synthesized. Neoinstitutionalism: Neoinstitutionalism, methodological approach in the study of political science, economics, organizational behaviour, and sociology in the United States that explores how institutional structures, rules, norms, and cultures constrain the choices and actions of individuals when they are part of a.

Approaches to the study of political
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